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College Chocolate

It is amazing how many different uses our chocolates are put to. In the case of Whitefriars College they will be giving their chocolates away in a welcome pack to the next crop of year 7 students for 2016.

As the Student Welfare Team get around to welcome each student they take the opportunity to leave a welcome to school pack, which includes a double pack of chocolate. Great Idea!

These can also be used to excellent effect for employee recognition, visiting VIP’s and other special occasions when you want to go all out to make a wonderful impression.

In the second half of the year there are countless opportunities to celebrate with chocolate. Footy Finals will see many people come together to be entertained, Spring Racing Carnival, Conferences, Trade Shows and later Christmas Parties and employee recognition celebrations.

If you would like some help putting a package together, simply call our Free Call Number, Visit the website or send us an email, we are always happy to help. If you have something to say, Say it on Chocolate..